Pneumatic concrete vibrator works Use and maintenance     The pneumatic vibrator motor, compact structure, internal parts with precision, requires the operator carefully maintained. 1, prior to use to make their exhaust smooth, 45years manufacturer certificated concrete vibrator hose 1-3 minutes before commissioning, check whether the normal operation, startup is flexible. Without exception, can be put into use. (Such as vibration head does not move, can the vibration motor section head with the wind when tapped on the ground). 2, the inlet hose must not be less than the inner diameter of 25mm, air pressure of not less than 0.3-0.4MPa. 3, connecting the inlet pipe within the pipe and joints to blowing dirt, to avoid impurities into the cylinder causing parts to wear or not operate the rotor stuck, can cause serious damage cylinder seizing. 4, the vibrator during use according to site requirements, the control inlet pressure to adjust the vibration frequency. 5, pneumatic vibrator to stop using when not on the water, to prevent debris and sewage into the wind motor. 6, pneumatic motor for maintenance, the upper and lower end caps bearing cavity to add a little grease (ZL-3 lithium complex grease), to ensure the bearing lubrication. 7, the wind moving motor badly worn blades, metal bar bending machine gw42d-4 the rotor will be stuck, unable to work. You can now remove the top cover with M10 screws on the top of the cap, so remove the burrs or replace the wiper blades new blades. 8, such as long-term storage, should be removed for cleaning, degreasing storage, in order to avoid corrosion. Vibrator use, precautions and maintenance     Vibrator is a high consumption of products, refers to the time-situ concrete vibrated concrete elements, so that a uniform coarse aggregate in concrete members throughout to prevent empty concrete segregation, a complete finished vibrator a rubber hose, vibration of the head, shaft, seal blocks and other 15 parts composition. 1, pneumatic vibrators and vibrating rod shaft float After connecting the exhaust gas before using to make its smooth, 1-3 minutes before commissioning, check whether the normal operation, startup is flexible. Without exception, can be put into use. Such as rods without vibration, and can end the rods to the ground and knock it, until smooth and powerful vibrations emitted chirping, can be vibrated job. 2, when the vibrator should be vertical or inclined rods inserted into the concrete, then, when the vibration of the rod should twitch pound up and down vibration after a certain time. 3, under the pouring member or a hierarchical structure, the second layer when vibrators, vibrator should have been vibrated layer insert to eliminate bed joint, obtained the overall results. 4, after half an hour of continuous work vibrator, should stop for some time, to prevent mechanical damage to the parts even had fever. 5, in order to protect the soft pump, hoses, when using the bending radius should be not less than 500mm. 6, after the vibrator every 50-100 hours, and should open the inner rod all parts, cleaning, disassembly can be pointed, hose connectors (both left screw) Remove, then top with a wooden hammer percussion big front diameter end of the outer extending tapered roller, and tapered roller bearings removed, oil seal. Then remove the hose connector (right screw), it will remove all the parts. 7. After cleaning, replacement of damaged parts, steel cutter machine supplier re-install. In addition to bearings, all parts must remove the oil. Tapered roller cone and casing should ensure that absolutely no oil. 8. vibrator mounted at one end threaded connections must fight tight, to prevent water penetration mortar inner rod, causing rods of appetite. 9, the vibrator use, if the vibrator does not vibrate or inability found that vibrator can be disassembled, the rod seal inside to check for damage, as well, can wipe the inner sleeve and taper lane oil, failure can be ruled out .