Yessss! ewe I got a gold one, which is pretty much the highest one you could get! X3 Im really proud of it, aha. xD

I ALMOST DIDNT GET TO WRITE THIS. ;O; Ive been trying to load like four different Hatena pages for the past thirty five minutes because it wouldnt load and Im not ready to give up on this yet because Im two days away from two years and I have more than seven hundred entries and just ughhhhh. ;u; I almost had to get Nick to write for me, I actually did get a note sent but this loaded before he got back to me. //dies

Anyway, its like ten thirty five, so I have to get off for tonight. //throws hands in the air// qoq

Ill try to get more written tomorrow, hopefully it wont take thirty five minutes to load then. >.> 

Night guys! :D